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About RockHub.Net

RockHub.Net is an online music magazine which purpose is to promote everything related to rock music in the New England region, including artists or bands, concerts, venue information, and music related events. We intend to be the primary source of information regarding concerts and events in New England. To achieve that, we must bring together performers and fans, musicians and music listeners.

Music is one of the most powerful ways to bring people together. Strong bonds can be created through music in one way or another. Music tastes can be shared, can be discussed, and can be appreciated by different groups of people. We want to create a community of people who love music, and are interested in engaging in conversation with other music enthusiasts in the region. For example, get together to go to a concert, or be the conduit to bring together the musicians that will make the next big band!

Our mission is to keep our audience informed of current happenings in the music industry. We will do this by creating written articles, photo galleries, interviews, and concert reviews. Also, we will make available the necessary tools to stimulate conversation and bring musicians together, like discussion forums and directories. We will also attempt to keep an updated calendar of concerts and music events in the region. Ultimately, the direction we take will depend on you, our audience. We will bring you what you want to see.

RockHub.Net is also intended to be a junction between bands and fans. If you are a new and aspiring performer or band, we want to hear from you. We want to promote your art. If you are a seasoned artist or band, we also want to hear from you, and we also want to promote your art. Have you ever discovered a band or artist, and later turns to be one of your favorites? We want to help you do this.

As of right now, RockHub.Net is still in the beta-testing phase, which means you won’t find a lot of content yet. We are in conversations with different public relations firms to let them know we’re here, and that we’re ready to work for them and the artists they represent.

Just like everything in life, with time and perseverance, this web site has the potential to grow into something really special. We hope you have as much fun enjoying the site as we’ve had planning and developing it.

Rock On!!

The RockHub.Net Family

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